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The Optimal Piano is the exclusive dealer in the state of Virginia for the highly acclaimed Hailun line of upright and grand pianos. This multiple award-winning piano line is an incredible value. Its scale design and quality of workmanship and materials rivals the most expensive uprights and grands I have ever worked on, yet costs a fraction of what those better known piano brands sell for. Gorgeous full round tone. Huge, deep bass and clear beautiful tenor and treble. The action is like silk under your fingers. Touch the key as lightly as you want and it will sound the note. Smooth, quick and balanced from note to note. Everything you’ve always wished your piano could be. In fact, I am so impressed and fond of these pianos that I have chosen one for my own personal instrument. Learn more about these magnificent instruments below, then call for an appointment to come and play one in my shop. You will not be disappointed! CONTACT US >


German Engineering
German Roslau Strings
German Wurzen Felt Cold Pressed Hammers
Full Perimeter Sand Cast Plate

Hailun upright pianos for sale


Aluminum Keybed
Agraffes in the Bass section
Aged Spruce Soundboard
Slow Close Fallboard and Safety Lid

Hailun upright pianos for sale

15-Year transferable warranty

dream assurance guarantee

You’ll love your piano or you get another!

Hailun upright pianos for sale

Piano Line

of the year





Hailun is the dealers' choice

Hailun pianos have beat out Steinway, Yamaha, Kawai, Young Chang, and Pearl River to win the prestigious Musical Merchandise Review (MMR) 2017 Acoustic Piano Line of the Year Award! Take time today to make an appointment to come play a Hailun piano in my shop near Smith Mountain Lake. I guarantee you will not be able to pull yourself away from it once you start playing. It’s THAT good! That’s because I prep every Hailun instrument that comes through my shop with my proprietary Piano Optimization System. Make the trip…you won’t be disappointed!

Watch this young lady as she performs on the Hailun HU5P 50-inch upright. Notice the quickness and responsiveness of the action and the incredible tone emanating from this vertical piano. She is able to work in an unlimited dynamic range, while remaining in complete control of the keyboard at all times. This was previously unheard of in an upright piano’s performance!

This video will show how the superior craftsmanship and high quality materials utilized in Hailun Pianos will translate into a spectacular performance for the player. Watch as this pianist can do anything she desires effortlessly on this keyboard. Also note the wonderful tonal properties of this instrument…all for about one fifth the cost of a Steinway!

financing available

Financing options are available for those looking to purchase a new piano for their home, church, school, or studio. Don’t let cost concerns stand between you and owning one of these beautiful instruments. Contact us for more details.

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