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Here’s what some of my customers have to say about my services and the HAILUN pianos I sell.

Hi Dan, I had the pleasure of purchasing a new Hailun HU5P, professional upright, from you on May 23, 2019. I must say, it was an extremely nice experience, starting with the trip down to Hardy, your gracious reception, explanation of the Hailun series of pianos, your demonstration of the piano, and arrangement to deliver it to my grandson in Orlando, FL in a timely manner. I must add, he is delighted with it as is his teacher who said "it plays better than most grands I've played. It's perfect for a student." I have already spread the word to several friends who may be looking for a new piano about you and Hailun. Thanks very much.
Elroy Rogers
Warm Springs, VA
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Hey Dan, I just wanted to let you know how fortunate I feel that I have my beautiful Hailun, and it's thanks to you that I have her! I never thought I could afford such a nice, new piano! After I got used to her, I have had opportunities to play pianos that I thought were really nice - including some grands. None of them can touch my Hailun. I record myself often. It's good for me to be able to view myself as a spectator. What I've realized when I watch my performance is how sonorous and rich the Hailun is. I am used to listening to her as I play but when I listen as a spectator, I'm blown away. I never get tired of listening to her sound. She is simply stunning. Thanks again for helping me own a Hailun. Thank you so much!
Lynn White
Raleigh, NC
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Hi Dan, Hope you are doing well. The Hailun is wonderful, and I couldn't be happier with a piano. Congratulations on your new website. Below is my customer recommendation for your use: "The Hailun upright piano that I purchased from Dan Cammarata is a superb instrument with an exquisite sound quality that surpasses my expectations for perfection. Furthermore, Dan was wonderful to work with from start to finish, charging a fair price for exceptional quality and seamlessly coordinating the move. I highly recommend buying a Hailun from Dan."
Norma Adams
Arlington, VA
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Dan had the knowledge of, and passion for, music which we appreciated as we pondered the decision to buy a piano for our granddaughters. His approach was low-key, yet enthusiastic. He knows the Hailun piano inside and out and answered questions we didn’t even know we had. This included care and maintenance of the instrument. We also received amazing customer service, especially for the piano we needed delivered out of state (we actually purchased TWO pianos from Dan at the same time!).
Joan Netzbandt
Moneta, VA
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Having heard about Hailun pianos from several of my pianist colleagues and friends, I was very curious to see what all the fuss was about. I reside in Virginia, so I wasn't even certain there would be an authorized dealer in my state. I did some detective work and found The Optimal Piano was the only Hailun Dealer in Virginia. I called and spoke with Dan Cammarata for quite some time, in an effort to convey to him what I was after in the purchase of a new grand piano. He was extremely patient with me and listened intently. After he heard me out, he assured me that he had the instrument I was looking for and invited me to come play it and see for myself. The following week I took a very pleasant drive down to Dan's shop near Smith Mountain Lake. Dan allowed me to play for over an hour on a 5'10" HG 178 Hailun grand, with no distractions or sales pitches. All I can say is, wow, what a piano! Like nothing else I had ever played. Gorgeous rich balanced tone up and down the keyboard. An action that plays like silk under your fingers, (Dan puts 30 hours of prep time into every instrument he sells). I knew I wasn't leaving without that instrument...and I've NEVER been happier with a buying decision. What a great experience. Thank you Dan!
JT Henderson
Richmond, VA
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I have known Dan the concert tech for some time. An incompetent technician had worked on my piano prior to my ownership. My Hamburg Steinway concert grand was suffering from regulation that was way out adjustment and hammers that had been hardened when they should not have been. I bought the piano in this condition because even these problems could not hide the good bones. Then Dan took charge. He spent who knows how many hours on the regulation using all kinds of strange piano technician tools and gauges. He chose new hammers and installed them. He did a final regulation, tuning and voicing. My Steinway was transformed back into an amazing instrument. Three concert pianists that I know have all told me that they would use my Steinway in concert without hesitation. Such is the work that Dan Cammarata does.
Lee Costelloe
Long Island, NY
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Dan is a master piano craftsman and technician, and has installed his “Piano Optimization” on 2 pianos for me so far. One is my personal Kawai KG-5 grand in my home, and the other is a Boston grand in Resurrection Catholic Church, Moneta, VA, where I’m an accompanist. I highly recommend this upgrade to anyone seeking to enhance the quality of their playing experience. Dan’s optimization increases both ends of the dynamic range. It takes much less effort to play louder. And as quietly, and lightly as you can play any key, it will sound the note. The player has much more control over the dynamic expression. Additionally, his patented components he installs add a very comfortable bottom of the keystroke, which virtually eliminates finger vibration, and hand fatigue. Even if you’re curious about what this optimization feels like, contact Dan to go play on a piano he’s modified. That’s all it will take.
Al Broholm
Owner - Roanoke Piano Co.
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As a Doctor of Musical Arts Graduate of Julliard, I have played some of the finest elite pianos in the world. My own instrument, a Hamburg Steinway D Concert Grand which I purchased about two decades ago, has always had a very heavy touch, and, in recent years, seemed to be getting even more cumbersome and less controllable. I had called several piano technicians that had been recommended to me to come fix the problem, but no one seemed to be able to achieve the touch and feel I was looking for. Then I heard about Master Piano Technician Dan Cammarata, from a friend of mine who had an instrument with many of the same problems I was having with mine. That is, until Dan got his hands on it. Now that friend's piano is, for lack of a better term, exquisite. So I hired Dan to "Optimize," as he calls it, my Steinway. What an incredible difference his work has made to my treasured piano! It's like a completely different instrument...EXACTLY what I had been hoping for but could never get anyone, before now, to do for me. If you want the best, go see Dan Cammarata at the Optimal Piano. You will be astonished at how good he can make your piano play and sound.
New York, NY

Superior customer service

Whether you are buying a new Hailun piano or taking advantage of my expert piano optimization and tuning services, I pledge to provide you with exceptional service at a fair price, backed by years of experience.

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